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Crypto Geisha

Long ago GeishaLand was divided into 10 territories, ruled by 10 clans made up of different Genesis Geisha.

These divine beings were responsible for the balance of forces throughout their universe. Thanks to them peace reigned and everything was relatively normal for a time.

They kept chaos at bay, and protected their land from any and all outside threats. At least until a mysterious event that ripped GeishaLand into the very fabric of the multiverse…

Crypto Geisha

A scientist, known as The Researcher, has just discovered interdimensional travel and is thrown into a world parallel to ours:

An interdimensional portal absorbed GeishaLand, but in that soup of atoms and chaos, the Super Geisha were born. They appeared in that parallel world, specifically in a city called Downtown, where they would try their best to close the portals.

But they were followed. Giant monsters also appeared.

Downtown is a daily battle between good and evil… and The Researcher is there to document it, as she tries to figure out a way to get back to her own dimension.

Crypto Geisha

After a time of intense fighting, the Super Geisha defeated the monsters and went in search of GeishaLand.

Before leaving, they helped The Researcher return home, but the device malfunctioned moments before it was supposed to open the interdimensional portal to Earth, launching her into a new and dangerous dimension. She is still there now, and has been alone for a long time…

The Order of the Void calls this place home, and The Researcher has something they want.