Researcher's Journal

The Researcher may be trapped in this parallel dimension with giant monsters fighting each other, but a scientist is a scientist, and while she discovers the way to return home, she will not stop investigating and taking notes on these very particular subjects. The Super Geisha and the monsters they fight may hold the key to getting her home.

Here you will find the files with all The Researcher investigations so far. You will understand the Super Geisha, their powers, and the creatures that surround them much better.

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FILE #001: The Researcher

A renowned scientist and inventor, REDACTED moved to Downtown years ago from Japan. Not much is known about her time there, but Downtown knows her as a kind and energetic soul. Lovingly called The Researcher, REDACTED aims to improve the lives of the people in her new home as best she can while experimenting in secret.

REDACTED has always been interested in what could lay beyond our current understanding. Parallel universes, inter-dimensional portals, she wants to prove it all true. Her work over the decades has not been as fruitful as she may have hoped, but her lab partner and close friend REDACTED believes they are on the right path. As does her young daughter, Sam.


FILE #003: The Researcher (Part 3)

FILE #004: Sarah Amere and Samantha Kettei